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Poetry, Fiction, Non-Fiction, Horror, Sci-Fi....
This group is for amazing written work!
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Art Creation

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:bulletgreen: :bulletyellow: :bulletred: :bulletorange: :bulletblue: devART-Writers Contest Results! :bulletblue: :bulletorange: :bulletred: :bulletyellow: :bulletgreen:

Hello dearest members and visitors!

Finally a means to an end! Myself and iammemyself have decided to close up the contest so here is the official blog for devART-Writers Second Contest Winners! :happybounce: There will be one overall winner and two winners for both second and third places. If you didn't intend to enter the contest well... you entered as soon as you submitted to the Contest 2 - 2012 folder :P I must also apologize for the lack of prizes but this is all we could come up with at such short notice. Our founder, Hurts-Like-Heaven has been inactive lately so that is why we are closing it up. Hopefully she is well and comes back soon :heart: Now without further ado, here are the winners!!!


First Place:

    :iconamaliabastos: amaliabastos



:bulletblack: 50 :points: courtesy of Kymira12
:bulletblack: Journal Feature courtesy of Kymira12
:bulletblack: +Watch courtesy of iammemyself
:bulletblack: Llama courtesy of Kymira12 and iammemyself
:bulletblack: One Constructive Comment on a Deviation of Your Choice courtesy of Kymira12

Second Place:

    :iconploekje13: ploekje13                       :iconkeko-meko: Keko-Meko

         :thumb319326406:                       Hostage MindAllow me the pleasure of telling you the truth;
of your beloved little reality.
The curtains that blow and billow such as the limbs of a willow,
the curtains that gather and flow over your sleeping form,
they are nothing more than tattered fabric,
hanging limp and suffocating your room.
Moonlight that filters lushly around your fortress from out the clouds,
the moonlight that touches silvers jewels and shines of them,
it's nothing more than feeble, watery rays,
occasionally sneaking in through those torn drapes.
The vibrant colours of the outside woods,
the colours that shine of autumn and spring and warm things,
they are merely illusions, abstract creations of your mind,
available only when you're sleeping.
You see, child, it's all up there;
it's your own imagination that's holding you hostage.


:bulletpink: 20 :points: courtesy of Kymira12
:bulletpink: Journal Feature courtesy of Kymira12
:bulletpink: +Watch courtesy of iammemyself
:bulletpink: Llama courtesy of Kymira12 and iammemyself
:bulletpink: One Constructive Comment on a Deviation of Your Choice courtesy of Kymira12

Third Place:

    :icondagoth-jeff: dagoth-jeff                       :iconlaurabeez: LauraBeez

         :thumb322835059:                       :thumb324229444:


:bulletwhite: 20 :points: courtesy of Kymira12
:bulletwhite: Journal Feature courtesy of Kymira12
:bulletwhite: +Watch courtesy of iammemyself
:bulletwhite: Llama courtesy of Kymira12 and iammemyself
:bulletwhite: One Constructive Comment on a Deviation of Your Choice courtesy of Kymira12

Special Mentions:

:thumb344828087: memories don't just fadeMy eyes are red and bloodshot, with low-lying eyelids.
I widen them; it stings a little.
So I squeeze them shut, and open them again
- very slowly.
I've been sobbing on my pillow; it's smudged with my mascara.
Why didn't I take my makeup off before I went to bed?
What was the point of that question?
I sigh, I know exactly why there's no room in my mind
for thoughts about skincare.
I turn back to the mirror on my bedside, and trail my gaze down from my pathetic eyes
toward a purple gash running diagonally from my cupids bow
to the left side of my cheek.
My lip is split, so it hurts to talk now.
"If I slice your mouth sweetie, you'll remember that you mustn't talk." That's what was said.
My body jolts, I turn the mirror away. I don't want to look at my face anymore.
I shut my eyes - gingerly, to save myself pain -
and I tried my very best
to go to sleep.
PerfectionismPencils scratch
Over white
Smells of ink,
Still warm from the printer.
Choose the best answer
It says.
The best.
Not the three that are good.
The best.
We are brainwashed;
There is only one right answer
To life.
Success is only measured in one way.
Filling in a bubble:
Right or wrong,
We are turned into points;
Small black circles.
But that is not life;
There is not always one right answer.
There are good choices
And all right choices.
There are bad choices too,
But we are not defined by them.
We can change our minds,
Change our path.
Some paths may be better than others,
But we can still be successful.
Not all choices are good or bad,
Right or wrong.
Some are just different.
Some are just choices.
Rose on a grave.Was it just yesterday that you left my life?
Every minute feels like an eon
And every breath hurts like a knife.
Will I make it to the dawn?
Dear God, will you tell her that I'm sorry
For not being there when it happened?
Dear God, will you tell her that story
About the lost ship and the angry captain?
Dear God, will you sing her to sleep
Every night that she's lonely?
Dear God, will you tell her to keep
In mind that she's the one and only?
Dear God, will you tell her that I wasn't mad
When I didn't pick up the phone?
Dear God, will you tell her that I'm sad
And that I'll never leave her alone?
Dear God, will you tell her that I love her,
So much that it aches?
Tell her that now she knows what was above her
Because she didn't have time to push on the brakes.
Dear God, tell her that I'll never forget
Her blue eyes and sweet voice
Tell her that I'll never regret
She'd always be my first choice.
Dear God, tell her that our little boy
Is really proud of his mom
Tell her that he finds joy
The Skies bleed redThey shout,
The skies are red, the skies are red,
But that's not what I see.
I see a land that seems well bled-
A sight saved just for me.
I watch as clouds of cotton floss
Shed bombs through spiral stairs.
I watch them shatter upon the earth,
And leave it burnt and bare.
Oh, where are the cold stone buildings gone
That once stood tall and strong?
Where are the bustling, bursting throngs
That filled the streets? What's wrong?!
At once the world swells and sways,
The reds turn ghastly white.
Through the mists of my cluttered mind,
I see a flash of light.
It leads me out into a park
With a noise I can't shake off
I hear them scream, I hear them weep,
But I see no sight thereof.
But, wait, I see! My vision clears,
I see the bleeding line
Of bodies bare, of scared death masks
And oh no! That one's mine!
My face lies pale, my eyes as misted
As they must have been
To all the world, for the things I saw
They could never have seen.
I lie shattered in a pool of crimson,
My body is so finely ble


Congratulations everyone!!! :squee:

Winners who receive a comment from me, please send a link to the piece you want a Constructive comment on in a :note: and please include what you would like help/suggestions on and I'll do my best :aww:
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